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At Clippers Barber Shop we feel 100% confident that there is not a single haircut that our team of experienced barbers can't do. We have our pulse on the latest styles for men and boys, and can also deliver on more old school haircuts. You call the shots, we make it happen.


The Works

The works is our top of the line service. It includes a haircut and a hot towel shave. A hot towel shave consists of a soothing hot towel, pre-shave oil, hot lather, two shaves (with and across the grain) and after shave moisturizer.  

Regular Buzz Cuts

Experience a smooth clipper cut finished with a hot lather and straight razor neck shave.

Fades and Blowouts

This is where our barbers' artistry is showcased with even transitions and nice blends that are incorporated into the haircut.

Specialty Cuts

We can do it all. Modern, Classic, Long, Short, Flat Tops, Afros, Mohawks … you get the idea.

Design Cuts

Have a bold idea? A vision that is larger than life? Consult an experienced Clippers barber who will provide you with guidance on the haircut you’ve been dreaming of.

Shape Up

Don't need a full haircut? Come over to Clippers for a clean-up consisting of edging and tidying up around the facial hairline for a nice, clean look.


Hot Towel Shave

As professional barbers we’re in the business of keeping tradition in its purest form. Experience a hot lather and straight razor shave like no other. We will apply top of the line shaving products for a silky and smooth finish.


We’re not afraid of our furry friends. We take pride in expertly shaping and grooming the most challenging facial hair. All beards are finished with a hot lather shave.


Feeling shaggy? Eyebrows can be shaped with a straight razor for a precise and clean finish.

Color Enhancements

We use Bigen color application on beards and hair.


For an additional charge we can shampoo your hair before or after a haircut.

Seniors & Kids

Grandads and boys have a special place in our shop. They can pick whatever haircut they wish and we will deliver.